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Romano WorkX ECU Tuning

Mazda 3 ECU Reflash

We recently travelled to Brisbane to work with Chris Romano from Romano WorkX on a customer’s Mazda 3.

The car was lightly modified with an air pod and free flowing exhaust however we wanted to make gains in power as well as throttle response and drivability. Prior to the ECU reflash Chris measured the Mazda 3’s power @ 118.6hp. Check out the video;

The final power figure of 128.4hp coupled with increased (flatter) torque curve improved drivability whilst the throttle response was immeasurably improved.

Whilst we where at Romano WorkX we where also able to sample some of Chris’ other creations including his insanely quick Renault Megane. With 200KW at the wheels, track setup and sticky tyres the ride was breath-taking. Check out the gallery below;

Bob Romano’s company profile;

Forget those ‘Flavour of the month’ performance workshops offering ‘fast food’ upgrades that promise the world. Bob Romano Performance Motors is the ‘REAL DEAL’ and we won’t do a thing to your car unless we know it’s going to work!

Pioneering dyno-tuning back in the early 1970’s, we’ve been getting maximum performance and reliability out of vehicles longer than anyone else in the business.

The one thing that has always set Bob Romano Performance Motors apart from the crowd is the genuine integrity with which we perform our work, always insisting that performance must never come at the expense of reliability.

And when it comes to state-of the-art workshop facilities and tuning equipment, we don’t just have latest and the greatest – we also know how to use it to its full potential, ensuring we get the job done right… first time, every time!