Performance parts for all things Mazda including Mazda 2, MX5 and Mazda 3

Sticky Mazda 2!

After three tests days and four test drivers (test dummies - Ed) it's time to retire our factory tyres in favour of these R Spec donuts! Our next test will be @ Sydney Motor Sport Park and we're expecting to run both of our Mazda 2's. Stay tuned! … [Continue reading]

Mazda 2 Wakefield Park Teaser

Another day of testing @ Wakefield Park. The results are more than encouraging and we have another day scheduled for Sydney Motorsport Park this month. Here's a teaser of the test day;   … [Continue reading]

Dear Santa, More Power Please! And Make It LEGAL

Neils' 2007 Supercharged NC MX5 develops 50% more power than the standard Mazda 2.0 ltr engine. Great for getting to the next traffic light a little quicker but sadly the Australian authorities aren't as enthusiastic. Particularly when it comes to … [Continue reading]

Mazda 2 @ Sydney Motor Sport Park

After our initial test at Wakefield Park earlier this month we decided to "verify" our results at Sydney Motor Sport Park's challenging new South Circuit. The pictures and footage below demonstrate the capabilities of a stock Mazda 2 when … [Continue reading]

Mazda 2 Suspension And Wheels

The upgrades have been subtle but we're hopeful the'll be effective - can you spot the differences? … [Continue reading]