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Mazda 2 @ Sydney Motor Sport Park

After our initial test at Wakefield Park earlier this month we decided to “verify” our results at Sydney Motor Sport Park’s challenging new South Circuit. The pictures and footage below demonstrate the capabilities of a stock Mazda 2 when driven…. vigorously.

The video below prompted this message from one of our racing brethren;

…looked like it was a handful….driving a stock car really hard is much harder than a vehicle set up for the purpose! Can we hang a hair dryer on your Mazda 2, double the spring rate and get some slicks (please!) might as well dump some aero on at the same time – Scott

The process of tuning our Mazda 2 will be phased including;

  • modified suspension and geometry
  • ECU reflash
  • lighter components including wheels
  • sticky track tyres (probably not slicks)
  • cold air intake
  • modified exhaust and pipes
  • roll cage and bracing

Our second Mazda 2 will remain in factory standard trim so that we can continue to evaluate new performance parts. Check out our gallery at Sydney Motor Sport Park (formerly Eastern Creek International Raceway);

We’ll post some photo’s and video of the Wakefield Park test real soon!

Mazda 2 Suspension And Wheels

The upgrades have been subtle but we’re hopeful the’ll be effective – can you spot the differences?

Spot The Difference

Look past the steel wheels and see if you can spot what’s different on our Mazda 2 test mule….If you think you know then head to our Facebook page HERE and let us know! Remember, we’re only two weeks away from our next Mazda 2 performance parts test. LESS SQUEAL – MORE SPEED!

Team Radio – Kimi Gough

We just couldn’t resist. It seemed appropriate. Please enjoy!

Mazda 2 @ Wakefield Park – PROJECT 2

PROJECT 2: Take a factory stock Mazda 2 and transform it into a track daemon!

The Mazda 2 is one of Australia most popular cars after the Mazda 3. We own two of them and decided to assess their track capabilities. Complete with steel wheels factory road rubber and 3 adventurous drivers, we attacked the Wakefield Park circuit earlier this month. Here’s a video summary of the day;